08 July 2015

Robert Scribbler only accepts comments that agree with him

I tried to publish a comment on the recent Robert Scribbler blog post regarding recent Arctic weather (of course blamed on CO2): 


Mine was #comment-43955. 

It was rejected and doesn't even appear in the moderation queue anymore. Other comments with higher numbers than my comment have since been published.

Here is my rejected comment. No rudeness, just a contrary view:

Strange that there's an improvement in Arctic ice, yet models predict increasing fragility. If anything the Arctic ice loss slowdown should reduce the doominess of models. Usually models conform to reality not the other way around.
Last two years has seen a recovery in volume

Arctic extent has boomed in the last month:
No evidence these natural changes in weather/climate are influenced by CO2.

Such a shame dissenting views aren't allowed on Robert Scribbler's website. Contrary views are the lifeblood of scientific discussions. An echo-chamber of one's own ideas serves no-one.

18 May 2015

Some curious up-tweaking happening at NASA GISS

Some curious up-tweaking happening at NASA GISS temperature data base versus satellite data base.

17 May 2015

No relation between water vapour and Outgoing Longwave Radiation

No Greenhouse Effect evident comparing so-called number one greenhouse gas water vapour map to map of outgoing longwave radiation. As a "trapper of heat" water vapour really sucks.

A few maps of water vapour (google search):

And a few maps of outgoing longwave radiation (google search):

There's also no relation between CO2 and outgoing longwave radiation: