21 September 2015

Upper troposphere warming slower than lower

In AGW theory higher layers of the troposphere are supposed to warm faster than lower ones. But the hotspot is missing: as you move up in the troposphere RSS satellite shows the warming rate is less.

At the lowest level, TLT, the warming rate is 0.121K/decade and gets less as you move up:

20 September 2015

Tail wags dog: bogus claim air temps can speed up glacier

At the RockyRex blog the debunked claim that a slight rise in air temperature can speed a glacier up is trotted out:

There's a New York Times graphic with a dodgy caption claiming that the ice is moving faster than can be replaced by falling snow.

Stratosphere not cooling as predicted

A supposed fingerprint of carbon dioxide-induced Anthropogenic Global Warming is a warming of the troposphere and a cooling of the stratosphere. But this alleged fingerprint's been missing in action the last few years.

I superimposed two horizontal red lines on the below graph of lower stratosphere temperature (via the SkS website) which shows a flatlining for about a decade, before the graph conveniently stops in 2005:

15 September 2015

Julia Slingo: claims temps 'rapidly rising' on Sky News UK

No wonder no-one trusts climate scientists anymore.  Julia Slingo of the British Met Office manages to contradict herself in the same breath, at once claiming that it's rapidly warming, then admitting that 2014, 2015 & 2016 are only among the hottest on record and may or not indeed be the hottest.

Is global average temperature rapidly warming as claimed? There's been no warming for 18 1/2 years according to the satellite record and only minimal warming in the surface record.

11 September 2015

If global warming is CO2-induced why is there so much more in the northern hemisphere?

Both satellite and surface-based temperature records show warming at almost twice the rate in the northern hemisphere as the southern:

Source: http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs_v3/

10 September 2015

GisTemp up-tweaking started around 2003 during Hansen era

Global Warming arch-architect James Hansen implemented a policy of deliberate up-tweaking to satisfy his government paymaster's desire to hype the global warming crisis.

Remember Hansen was the guy who testified in front of Congress in a room with the air conditioning switched off for added effect to scare the masses about 'atmospheric heat build-up'.

By the time current NASA GISS director Gavin Schmidt took over from Hansen a couple years ago the up-tweaking had well and truly begun.

I took the Gistemp data and overlayed the UAH v6 data and produced this graph:

Then I took the GISS data and subtracted the UAH v6 data and made this graph:

06 September 2015

Blog format upgraded

I'm by no means an IT expert, but I like to tinker with html code now and then, and after years of tweaking I have finally upgraded this blog to a format I'm happy with.

I only just figured out how to truncate the posts on the home page to an excerpt and a link to more.

I thought the white background was too bright so I made it grey.

The main feature is a navigation bar at the top of the page I pilfered from some site.

Blogspot is the best and most tweakable free blog platform of the few I have tried, including wordpress.com.

05 September 2015

Brazilian deforestation proceeds apace: creates 'dreaded' CO2

One of the assumptions of AGW theory is that human direct emissions from fossil fuel combustion causes the atmospheric CO2 rise.

But sceptics needn't be bound by such convention and are free to consider other possibilities.

21 August 2015

Wishful trendline on Tamino wildfire graph?

Stats guru Tamino is like the bizarro superman, the anti-hero, of the statistics world, using his statistical powers to mislead his readers rather than inform. In a 2 1/2 year old post, he attempts to debunk a Washington Post article.

He graphs US wildland fire acreage and adds a curiously extreme red trendline. It would be nice to know if that red line was algorithm generated or custom-manipulated.

06 August 2015

Manufacturing sea level rise acceleration

It's claimed that both increased land ice melt and ocean heat uptake are occurring. Melting land ice is supposedly on the increase, and the missing heat of the global warming pause is supposedly going into the ocean.

If the missing heat was miraculously going into the deep ocean it would cause thermal expansion, but this expansion is not observed [1, 2, 3].