29 May 2017

A 3C rise in temperature is just a 1% energy rise

With no phase changes the energy content of the air is proportional to its temperature. Earth's pre-industrial average temperature is 15C. Under a high estimate for CO2 warming of 3C the final temperature is 18C. Convert to absolute temperature and the difference is just 1.04%:

(273 + 18) - (273 + 15) / (273 + 15) = 1.04%

Warmists don't like facts laid bare like this (_1, _2). 1% is not enough to notice any difference in any climate metric such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Instead they insist on expressing the energy increase in joules or Hiroshima atomic bomb equivalent. This is more useful for their scare narrative. But when this energy is spread out over a large area it's nothing. This is why warmists hate the percentage value.

02 May 2017

The true significance of ocean warming

AGW believers use ocean warming as their number one excuse for the atmospheric warming pause going on 19 years now  a pause during the time of highest CO2 rise. Their refrain is that the oceans are warming because they're absorbing the "missing AGW heat". [123

But a new paper by Trenberth et al (linkmirror) published in March 2017 suggests that ocean warming is coming from deeper layers, especially the 700 to 2000m layer, and is surely therefore due to natural factors not global warming.