26 November 2013

Jon Faine's foolish unproductive Bjorn Lomborg interview

Jon Faine is a master at creating the conversational environment he wants. Bjorn Lomborg has enough to say on the topic -- he easily could have been the sole guest for the whole hour, probably two. Instead a couple of clueless greenies were allowed to dominate and drown out Lomborg for most of the hour.
Bjorn's earlier radio interview with Newcastle ABC was better.  It was only about 10 minutes long but so much more productive than the later Faine interview. He actually had a chance to make his point in a clear and concise way. I couldn't find a link to the audio, the print intro is here.

More warmists lack of grasp of science

Nine months ago warmist "aria" made a comment on a page about polar bears that claims:
"..polar bears are much smaller then they used to be since they have less food because of the global warming,"
Nine months ago is recent enough to be well aware that polar bear numbers have increased in recent years. The slight decrease in floating Arctic ice, that's often portrayed as a sign of Armageddon by warmists, actually enhances polar bear's main prey, seals (more below).
I should admit at first I thought she made that up herself, but it's just another wacky claim from warmist scientists to add to the long list of things global warming does.

25 November 2013

Hah, comments for IPCC YouTube video pulled after just four days

It was only up for about four days and the comments have already been pulled on this latest IPCC scare video. There were about 60 comments last time I looked, and most were sceptical.
Several comments, mine included, pointed out the fraud at 2:05 of the video:

Critique of comments on recent USA Today article by Bjorn Lomborg

This is a critique of comments on the recent USA Today article by Bjorn Lomborg, mostly from warmists critical of him:

I'm not on FaceBook so I couldn't comment there so I thought I'd critique them here. The comments of others are in red my writing is in black. Bold highlights in comments are mine.

The first two comments come from Lynn Goldfarb.

16 November 2013

Data massage of the highest order

This is a rebuttal to:

I thought Al Gore knew a thing or two about massage, but these guys are good. This is how to make a 15 year warming hiatus disappear: massage the data.

Using satellite data to fill in those gaps, the study found that global surface temperatures have been warming 2 1/2 times faster over the past 16 years than previously believed, calling into dispute the widely-reported global warming "pause,"

And this is data massage of the highest order. Kevin Cowtan and Robert G. Way have explained that the missing warming is in places we can't measure it, specifically at the earth's poles where there are no thermometers!

02 November 2013

Accelerating global norming

The evidence is in and it's worse than we thought: The world's weather is getting more normal at an accelerated rate.
Hurricanes are getting more normal with time:

New navigation bar at top of page

I finally got around to putting a convenient navigation bar at the top of the blog to make it easier to navigate around. While the code I found for the MBW Navgation bar at  mybloggersworld.com was a good start, I'm not totally happy with it. I need to get a bar with multiple heirarchies for the menus, like what's at the top of the Jo Nova webpage. This code only allows me one level of options rather than two or three nested levels, if that makes sense.
I've noticed a glitch in the menus at certain levels of magnification in Internet Explorer. You can't scroll down the list titled "Apollo moon hoax" without some of the bottom options disappearing before you get a chance to select it.