11 January 2014

Not much correlation between Arctic temp and sea ice loss

We are told that runaway global warming is causing the sea ice loss at the North Pole. Although, like the rest of the world, Arctic warming stopped in 1998, the point in time when Arctic sea ice loss really took off. And such warming is pretty small anyway.

If you take the data from UAH and RSS for 60 degrees north to 82.5 degrees north and put it next to the sea ice loss, there's not much (inverse or reverse) correlation:

04 January 2014

Quick critique of comments from Age article

Here's a quick critique of a few comments from The Age article:
The Age is a heavily warmist Fairfax paper, with a following among the trendy latte sipping libaratchicks of inner city Melbourne.  The vast majority of comments, maybe 90%+ are warmist.

The article is by John Mclean and is critical of the IPCC.