29 March 2014

All my comments removed from Guardian article without trace

Update 2

Well this is a new one. I've had my comments removed from the Guardian plenty of times before, but you can still see the stub. Here's an example:

19 March 2014

More NOAA trickery in US Feb 2014 temps?

Following my post from a few weeks ago about January temperature anomalies, Harold Ambler notices a similar strange thing on his website: http://talkingabouttheweather.wordpress.com, about February 2014 temperatures in the United States. He states:
"As the map above shows, NOAA seems to have struggled in creating a temperature map that accurately conveys what New Englanders recently experienced"
See more here:

07 March 2014

Another trick from the hockey stick team

Well this is a new one...for me anyway.  A graph that uses a tricky quasi-log scale on the X-axis to minimise 1000's of years of warmer Holocene temperatures, to make today's temperature seem scary and warm:
 The poster of this graph on Twitter says it's a "usual graph":

05 March 2014

Arctic "death spiral" melts away when put in perspective

The AGW team uses September Arctic sea ice extent (the lowest point in the annual cycle) to show how the Arctic sea ice is disappearing as a result of dangerous, "scary-scary" global warming. They even omit the 50% recovery of 2013 to promote the notion of calamity:
The propagandists of "climate science" prefer to omit the inconvenient 2013 Arctic sea ice recovery.

01 March 2014

Blocked on Independent Aus after one comment

I made one comment on the Independent Australia and was banned on this thread by DeSmog Blog:

I thought twice about commenting here because the level of the discourse was so low. I thought: these people are too stupid even to talk to. But I was angry enough at this guy's comment to do so: