19 March 2014

More NOAA trickery in US Feb 2014 temps?

Following my post from a few weeks ago about January temperature anomalies, Harold Ambler notices a similar strange thing on his website: http://talkingabouttheweather.wordpress.com, about February 2014 temperatures in the United States. He states:
"As the map above shows, NOAA seems to have struggled in creating a temperature map that accurately conveys what New Englanders recently experienced"
See more here:
The map is from here:
As I pointed out in my last post on this, the areas labelled "near average" in white, actually only include below average data.  Harold Ambler writes:
"...Boston was 3.1 [F] degrees below normal. Providence was 4 degrees below normal for the month. And yet all three locations fall within the “near normal” portion of NOAA’s map."

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