01 March 2014

Blocked on Independent Aus after one comment

I made one comment on the Independent Australia and was banned on this thread by DeSmog Blog:

I thought twice about commenting here because the level of the discourse was so low. I thought: these people are too stupid even to talk to. But I was angry enough at this guy's comment to do so:

My response:

Not one of my best comments I'll admit, but David P's comment is another ridiculous appeal to reputation and authority, as if people's opinions are any substitute for evidence. Yes, those in the consensus are scientists, wow!, but that doesn't legitimise their opinion about something speculative any more than a non-scientist. 
An "educated guess", as David Appell likes to call his own guesses, as he is educated and is making a guess, isn't as educated as you think.
Especially on something as complex as climate; we really have next to no idea what's going on.  Even general ideas on what influences climate -- such things as solar activity, ocean cycles, volcanoes etc -- are speculative, the chain of causation of CO2 influence on climate even more so.
So to think a "climate scientist's" opinion on this is worth more than diddly-squat is pure Greenie wishful thinking, and pretty stupid as usual on their part.
Anyhow, after I was blocked after that comment and couldn't reply, I lost interest in reading the many subsequent replies to me. It's a shame because I wanted to reply and hopefully educate them, or other readers.
Here's a few basic facts I would offer them: Many of them seem amazed that world weather isn't getting worse. Apparently they believe all the Green hype from left leaning media that the world's weather is getting worse. In fact it's pretty tame.
Anthony Watts's reference page on extreme weather is a good place to start.  Here's another few references showing how hurricanes are the same or on the decline:
It's just too bad I was not allowed to comment further as it shuts down the whole debate and closes minds. But that's the Green-left for you: always shutting down debate; they've already made up their mind.  The case is closed, the debate is over. Truly amazing given how complex climate is!



I think the comment I tried to reply to and was blocked from doing so is here:

David P says:
Not rocket science, simple 19th century science of which I have a firm enough grasp. 
Clearly this person has no clue what that 19th century physics is. I have looked into Tyndall's experiment and all it proves is that EMR is absorbed from a warm object to a cool object. It doesn't justify greenhouse theory at all.
Here's my comment that wasn't approved -- blocked by IndAus:
In fact the AGW postulates are wrong. Tyndall's experiment shows that electromagnetic radiation from a warmer is absorbed by a cooler one, and no more. It doesn't show that extra heat energy is gained by the system as a whole, and it doesn't even measure it, yet it's referred to as proof by people who don't even know how it works.
By the 1950s most scientists realised that the greenhouse effect is bogus, since it is impossible to gain energy for free from the greenhouse gas layer. Only emissivity can raise an object's temp without the addition of heat.
If there's "extra energy" for more bad weather how on earth does the greenhouse gas layer create that extra energy? It can't.
Here's another strange comment on that thread, a reply to me:
"Those who analyse the data...have no agenda.." Yeah right, there's no vested interest in the climate industry at all, just trillions at stake, that's all, lol. 
Apparently, I've falsified the claim that weather isn't getting worse. How dopey and uninformed are these Greenie people?
In fact the tweet I posted above shows different, as does this post.  The world's weather isn't getting worse at all.  It really is a stupid level of discourse in the comments on that thread.

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