21 August 2015

Wishful trendline on Tamino wildfire graph?

Stats guru Tamino is like the bizarro superman, the anti-hero, of the statistics world, using his statistical powers to mislead his readers rather than inform. In a 2 1/2 year old post, he attempts to debunk a Washington Post article.

He graphs US wildland fire acreage and adds a curiously extreme red trendline. It would be nice to know if that red line was algorithm generated or custom-manipulated.

06 August 2015

Manufacturing sea level rise acceleration

It's claimed that both increased land ice melt and ocean heat uptake are occurring. Melting land ice is supposedly on the increase, and the missing heat of the global warming pause is supposedly going into the ocean.

If the missing heat was miraculously going into the deep ocean it would cause thermal expansion, but this expansion is not observed [1, 2, 3].