30 April 2012

New koala law to curb land owner's rights

Now the Labor federal government has a new raft of in-your-face laws to control and restrict what you do with your land.

Despite the species as a whole flourishing -- their numbers actually require "managing" i.e. culling, in South Australia southern Australia (see article below) -- the government is about to park itself in your back yard and tell you what you can and can't develop in the name of "saving" the koala.

24 April 2012

Infant male circumcision is genital mutilation

This post is of a very different topic than the ones I usually post on.  If this isn't a topic to your taste or you are too young to read it please do not continue.

A few web articles have come to light in recent days describing human male infant circumcision as male genital mutilation.  They are correct and I must say I can attest to many of the negative repercussions described as I am a victim of this procedure as well.  Taking a perfectly good and necessary organ of the body and removing it for some kind of societal trend is shocking.