12 November 2010

Refreshing A Current Affair stories

Tonight I was watching A Current Affair Queensland edition and there were two environment-related stories.  The first was on the fad of banning plastic bags sweeping Australia. 

Tasmania has now joined three other states in banning them.  But, refreshingly and unexpectedly, the article sensibly argued that the so-called green polypropylene bags that replace the usual polyethylene ones take a lot longer to biodegrade.  Plus, they are prone to getting bacteria with multiple use, which the article didn't mention.

18 October 2010

The fallacy of the greenhouse effect

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An object can warm through the absorption of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). However, an object passively warmed can't warm the object providing the warmth. Were this to be so energy could be multiplied for no extra input merely by having objects mutually radiate EMR. But there is no such temperature multiplication because the amount mutually exchanged cancels. It does not add as is required by greenhouse theory.

The reason that an object can be heated by EMR on earth by the sun is because the sun is warmer than the earth.  The idea of the greenhouse effect is that the cooler, upper layers of air are able to warm a warmer ground by backradiation. But this can not happen.

Greenhouse theory would even require that the backradiation from the earth to the sun warms the sun by a small (if practically imperceptible) amount. This is impossible too because a cooler object can not warm a warmer one unless work is done.  But greenhouse gas, not having an energy source, can not provide this work nor can the earth provide work to the sun.

12 August 2010

Greenland is not melting

A 20km-wide iceberg broke off a Greenland ice shelf recently.  It has been used by the media as a powerful emblem in their coverage of global warming.  But there's a huge irony here.  Because, if anything, a larger iceberg is indicative of more snowfall and greater ice mass rather than warming temperature -- more snow and ice making for a faster flow and huger ice blocks.  Warmer temperatures would cause the opposite to this, with the ice receding, and hence less ice for breaking off into big chunks. 

25 July 2010

People's Commission on Climate Change

The Australian Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has advocated a people's political council for climate change; rather like ruling commissars are appointed in totalitarian and communist countries.  Who will be selected?  What will be the criteria?

26 June 2010

Penny Wong regularly consults WWF

From the Sydney Morning Herald, June 26, 2010:

"The heads of the WWF, Australian Conservation Foundation and Climate Institute had all met Rudd's advisers and the Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, several times over the past fortnight."

11 June 2010

Latest round of global warming scandals

It's getting hard to keep up!

NASA: suppressed a formula they came up with for the Apollo moon landings that shows that earth has much less greenhouse effect than admitted to.

Pacific islands growing not sinking.

31 May 2010

What causes the CO2 increase?

What causes the CO2 increase of 110 parts per million from the year 1850 to 2010?   Is it human made or natural?

The Keeling Curve is perhaps the premier piece of global warming propaganda.   

09 May 2010

Is warmth bad?

Let us assume global warming is real.  Is such warmth bad?

There's no correlation between warmer temperature and bad weather.  Yes, there is more energy with more heat but that doesn't necessarily mean bad weather.

This decade just passed was supposedly the warmest in 130 years yet there was no corresponding increase in hurricanes, tornadoes or bad weather.

25 April 2010

Let them eat whale

If they have no meat let them eat whale.

I don't have a particular interest to try whale meat myself.  But lots of people like it. It's part of a traditional diet in many native communities and East Asia. I don't think western tastes should be imposed on these communities.

16 April 2010

N-machine article in Magnets In Your Future 2

This round-up of free energy research featuring the N-machine is from the now-defunct periodical Magnets In Your Future around 1992:

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N-machine article in Magnets In Your Future

This article by Bruce DePalma in the magazine Magnets In Your Future would be from around 1990.  I scanned this in to supplement the N-machine video I posted to YouTube. Unfortunately it's just a photocopy of this glossy colour magazine.  Maybe someone has an original. The guy on the first page is professor Robert Kincheloe.

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27 March 2010

Switch your lights on for Earth Hour

At 8:30 pm tonight (in your local time zone), 27 March, millions of believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) will switch off their lights.  This will cause disruption at the supply end.  See:

In order to counteract this disruption to the power supply it is up to non-believers of AGW to switch on their appliances.  Power stations that use boilers won't even save that much power during Earth Hour -- it will be wasted.

12 February 2010

Kerrygolds comment removed from Guardian

Kerrygold's comment I recommended was removed from the Guardian article China's fears of rich nation 'climate conspiracy' at Copenhagen revealed comments section.

I probably shouldn't post these because they might be copyright to the Guardian being in their comments section and all, but oh well, they deleted it.  They can sue me in England.

I managed to capture this comment just before it was removed by a moderator:

26 January 2010

Danny Glover vindicated (well sort of)

Like many others I had a good laugh when actor Danny Glover suggested the earthquake in Haiti was caused by climate change.
So, I was astonished to read the following article suggesting that it may be true - climate change did contribute to the Haiti earthquake.  Of course, it was natural climate change that occurred 10,000 years ago when the ice sheets melted.

18 January 2010

NASA and the case of the incredible falling satellite

Well, it's been explained that Lindzen and Choi's July 2009 paper On the Determination of Climate Feedbacks was wrong because apparently the ERBE 2 satellite decayed in orbit from 1987 to 1993.

08 January 2010

Global Warming Foundation

Hi all, it was great conversing with you sceptic people.  So many ideas and so much science. But recently I've made up my mind to see the light and come renounce my global warming scepticism.

So, alas, I'm afraid I won't be linking to scientific papers anymore.  I won't be looking at contrary evidence.  My new faith has made me realise these contrary opinions weren't peer reviewed.  It was wrong for me to look outside the IPCC.