08 January 2010

Global Warming Foundation

Hi all, it was great conversing with you sceptic people.  So many ideas and so much science. But recently I've made up my mind to see the light and come renounce my global warming scepticism.

So, alas, I'm afraid I won't be linking to scientific papers anymore.  I won't be looking at contrary evidence.  My new faith has made me realise these contrary opinions weren't peer reviewed.  It was wrong for me to look outside the IPCC.

Ever since I've come to believe in the consensus I have started my own global warming foundation.

Please give generously as it is supported by readers like you.  Memberships start for as little as $100.  Through your generous support I can go round to people's houses and look at them. A lot of uneducated right wing people don't understand the need for this.  I have applied for a permit as a UN inspector. Soon I will have powers to inspect homes in my community without a warrant.  I have already started to look in neighbours windows and fill out charts and tables for their light usage and so on. If I see a jogger running I immediately record it in my log as a CO2 violation. Please support me in this work.

Suspicious activities, possible CO2 infringement, people doing stuff:
People leaving lights on, class 2 infringement:

Man driving truck trying to deliver food to people, class 3 infringement:
Chinese man smoking cigarette, creating CO2:

You too can be an ecowarrior such as by using new iPhone application ecosnoop.  If you happen to  be caught photographing your neighbours properties and they complain turn the tables on them by telling them you are reporting on their environmental infractions and the UN climate police will be around to deal with them shortly.  Total dominance and force is the only way to deal with climate deniers, or as I like to call them, denialists.  Everyone knows the climate is changing and to deny that is stupid and conservative and right wing.
One part of my mind says: "but just because it's climate change it doesn't mean it's human made."  Ha!  But that was the old me.  I'm on a new path now.  I've been corrected.  Seen the error of my ways.

A path pioneered by George Soros, Maurice Strong, Ted Turner and John P Holdren.  I'm on a new green path to peace.  A world of peace cause there are a lot less people in it.

I am now an eco-warrior.

Now that I know that humans are the problem and not the cure - that humans are a cancer on the living Gaia - I know that it is time to eliminate them.  I can't help it if your right wing ways blind you to the fact.  Any educated person knows that population reduction is a must.   For a long time now the population has been going unabated.
Just think about all those people reproducing without a licence or state control.  They are not allowed to do that without our permission!  Think about India.  They are reproducing without state control.  This is bad for the environment.
Compare them to China.  In China there is a one child policy.  Sure, many people get around it if they know how to bribe the right official, and poor people don't stand a chance.  But that's where this whole global warming thing comes in handy for getting rid of human rights.  Just like in China: when a poor person has one child they are sterilised.  Both parents are immediately sterilised.  Of course humans don't deserve rights when they are the guilty ones who have harmed the earth through carbon dioxide global warming.  They exhale it the dirty buggers don't you know?  Festy sinning poison exhaling humans.  They are to be exterminated for their sins against mother earth.  Wretched humans are unnatural.  That is the lesson of Gaia capitalists don't understand.  They will feel the power of the state one day mark my words.  Death to all capitalists.  Viva le New World Order.  Seig heil la revolucion!


  1. Happy New Year.

    I am sure that 2010 will see AGW depart, and the blogosphere will take much of the credit. Readers/viewers will then be asking the MSM some searching questions re their lack of vigorous investigation.

  2. Thanks, same to you. Well it's interesting how Climategate is combining with the cold snap in the northern hemisphere for a double whammy effect on AGW. Still some warming hype lingering especially from govt funded ABC and BBC. There's talk of a 41 degree heatwave in Melbourne - but it's not that unusual.

    Brisbane's been spared the southern drought. It's been fairly mild (i.e. cool) for about three years now. I understand NZ is cool now too. And I expect another cold winter in 6 months time.