26 February 2012

Janelle Saffin contradicts herself

Just had to laugh at this answer from Labor MP for Page, Janelle Saffin to the media at Canberra airport today:

Question: If Julia Gillard won [the leadership challenge] would you worry about losing the next election?

22 February 2012

Did Gleick make the faked Heartland Document?

Environmental activist Peter Gleick enticed a staffer at Heartland Institute -- a libertarian think tank and sceptical science funder based in Chicago -- to email him some internal Heartland documents.  You can get them from DeSmog blog here including the allegedly faked one here:

2012 Climate Strategy (3).pdf

Gleick has thus far admitted to being the receiver of the emails which show some fairly run-of-the-mill financial workings of Heartland.  But Gleick has stopped short of admitting to being the author of the one document that stands out from the pack.