29 November 2018

Why ocean warming can not be caused by global warming

Recent ocean warming over the past century and a half can not be caused by alleged CO2-induced global warming for three main reasons:

1) Most of the warming occurred before the time of significant atmospheric CO2.

2) The warming occurs 100s of metres deep down – too deep for that warmth to have come from the surface – and is so disparate from ocean to ocean as to suggest local or natural causes, not a global one like AGW.

3) The magnitude of the ocean warming is some 45 times that of the air in energy terms. If you believe that a change in air temperature can produce a 45 times larger change in ocean heat content then you believe CO2 is a magic molecule, which climate scientists do. (Officially climate scientists say about 1/5 of that 45x is due to humans but it's a sheer guess).

What the above suggests is that the oceans are very influential in 20th century warming rather than AGW.

15 August 2018

Boy how I regret installing the disqus comments plugin

I thought I'd be clever and install Disqus comments plugin on my blog, replacing the native blogger system. But it was a mistake for two reasons:

Firstly, there is a technical glitch that arose about 8 months ago due to to some issue with blogger going from an http to https address. This split my comments into two separate streams. You can still see all of the older comments on the disqus site but they don't properly appear on this blog anymore. I don't have the time or desire to learn how to resolve this issue.

04 January 2018

Greenland GPS (GNET) data is missing

If anyone can find the Polenet Greenland GPS data please let me know cause I can't find it anywhere. There's no data on the Polenet site:

Their last blog post is missing.

The site they link to for the data, UNAVCO, has only two graphs for the entire island of Greenland, one from the periphery (KAGA) and one from the ridge toward the south of the ice cap (SUMM).