31 July 2016

Preview of upcoming "summary" rebuttal

My recent post on OLR is the hopefully the final preliminary post in preparation for a ~13-point rebuttal I plan to the AGW theory. Here's an outline of those points. I give a couple of links with each point to further explain.

It's interesting to see how far my thinking has evolved since my first attempt at a similar summary 7 years ago.

1) No temperature rise during time of highest CO2 rise also known as "the hiatus" in warming
(Links: One, Two, Three)

2) Lower stratosphere is not cooling
(Link: One)

27 July 2016

Outgoing Longwave Radiation – the fuller story

For a couple of years or so I have been claiming [1, 2] that outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) should be decreasing if infrared was being curtailed by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as per AGW theory. But there is more to the story.

On a spectral line near 700 wavenumber (14.3 µm) there is indeed quite a reduction in radiation expected to be caused by an increase in CO2.

The following chart (data via the Modtran simulator) shows a deepening of the groove that appears around 700 to 770 wavenumber with surface temperature kept constant and atmospheric carbon dioxide increased from 150 to 1000 ppm.