25 April 2010

Let them eat whale

If they have no meat let them eat whale.

I don't have a particular interest to try whale meat myself.  But lots of people like it. It's part of a traditional diet in many native communities and East Asia. I don't think western tastes should be imposed on these communities.

16 April 2010

N-machine article in Magnets In Your Future 2

This round-up of free energy research featuring the N-machine is from the now-defunct periodical Magnets In Your Future around 1992:

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N-machine article in Magnets In Your Future

This article by Bruce DePalma in the magazine Magnets In Your Future would be from around 1990.  I scanned this in to supplement the N-machine video I posted to YouTube. Unfortunately it's just a photocopy of this glossy colour magazine.  Maybe someone has an original. The guy on the first page is professor Robert Kincheloe.

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