26 October 2013

Wild bush fire-climate links

The current frenzy of linking bush fires in Australia to climate change epitomises climate change hysteria. 
Australian Green MP Adam Bandt was quick to hype the link and even accused Abbott of putting on a fire uniform for a stunt, despite Abbott's longstanding service to the volunteer fire brigade.
Sky News Australia has also given air time to Tim Flannery's axed Climate Council (which annoys me).  Sky News tends to favour AGW despite conspiracy theories that any media outlet Rupert Murdoch owns is biased against it. (I believe Murdoch owns half of Foxtel, maker of Sky News Australia.)

Trenberth's missing heat still missing

In its latest report the IPCC has said that the oceans have been warming rather than the sky, in an effort to explain away the problem of the lack of atmospheric warming for 15+ years.  This does solve the problem of what Trenberth called the "missing heat" -- the lack of global warming for (now on) 15 years.
While the missing heat problem is potentially solved by claims of ocean warming, the explanation introduces another problem. If something gets warmer, in this case the ocean, it is less likely to absorb heat, not more; therefore making it less likely that heat from a warm atmosphere would be drawn into the ocean, to be hidden in its deep recesses.

The energy is supposed to come from the atmosphere, specifically its greenhouse layer. If the ocean is getting warmer, the heat should be going outward not inward from it; so, it should be heating the atmosphere, not cooling it!
The IPCC ocean heat model is sensibly based on the idea that heat must move from hot to cold, e.g. that there should be no spontaneous take-up of heat by the oceans.