25 July 2010

People's Commission on Climate Change

The Australian Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has advocated a people's political council for climate change; rather like ruling commissars are appointed in totalitarian and communist countries.  Who will be selected?  What will be the criteria?

Well, they do claim that it is a random selection.  Random, really? I'd like to see that.  Will it be random including people who don't care about climate change or politics or public policy?  Fat chance.  It will be people who are interested in the "climate change issue" and who are interested in setting public policy.  It is a people's governing council and it is unelected.
Julia Gillard will today pledge to set up a Citizens' Assembly to spend 12 months examining the evidence on climate change...
What is the Parliament for if not an ongoing council?  Why are so-called random people the right people for the job?  It sounds ludicrous.

Local administrators and officials are selected without the will of the people in this country.  This is fair enough, we need people who can do the job they are appointed to do and that should be sufficient criteria to hold the job.  But if they are formulating policy this is another matter.

If the Prime Minister was calling this a focus group that would be one thing.  A one-off community consultation is fine.  But, an ongoing board with the same people forming government policy....it is something Australia has never had before and it is undemocratic.  This is the way they rule in communist countries like China.

It seems the Labor government wants this country to become more and more like China.  They want a Chinese-style Internet filter where another People's Board of Classification will decide what information we are privy to.  And the sacked PM Kevin Rudd was very enthusiastic about signing Australia's sovereignty away to an unelected UN world government in the climate change Copenhagen Treaty.  He is still eying a job in the UN world bureaucracy as a top-level adviser on climate change.  Nothing like jobs for the boys.

Labor oversaw the introduction of X-ray naked body scanners at our airports which store a naked image of you and your family on a computer and increase your cancer risk.  And Labor has masterminded a scheme to introduce a tracking device  to every person's car under the guise of a saving fatalities at level rail crossings.

It's time for a change of government.  (And the Greens are no solution either.  They are even more extreme in their climate views and want to use it as a tool to bring in world government, though they call it global governance).  Don't just sack the PM Australia, sack Labor.


  1. Some pretty tortured logic here. How much of the Greenland Ice Cap is actually below sea-level?

  2. Only some of it is below sea level, maybe 10%?? Point is, is that if there was a slick of lubrication under it it still would not slide uphill. It won't melt because there a huge heat capacity, as well as the latent heat of fusion to overcome. And besides that the snow increases to compensate for any melting. The ice sheets are secure.

    It's been warm for 12,000 years now and they've done about all the melting they can do. Of course if the extreme-end IPCC prediction of 6C increase did come true, then yeah Greenland would melt slowly over 100s to 1000s of years.

    It wont happen though, it's really cold inside the polar circles.