26 June 2010

Penny Wong regularly consults WWF

From the Sydney Morning Herald, June 26, 2010:

"The heads of the WWF, Australian Conservation Foundation and Climate Institute had all met Rudd's advisers and the Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, several times over the past fortnight."

Wow, so that's where Penny Wong and Kevin Rudd get their ideas on global warming from.  Straight from the horse's mouth.  Environmental activist group WWF was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Prince Phillip of England to promote the anti-human population reduction policies of the eugenicist Huxley family.  

So, they get the ear of the high chiefs of carbon policy? Dirty, New World Order scum, and they're best mates with Australia's government.  It's not surprising to me.

You will submit to the carbon tyranny scum.  Like Bill Gates said with good vaccines we can get the population down by 10 to 15 percent.  Well done Bill.  Instead of helping countries develop economically with your great wealth you want to stop them from developing because of the bogus CO2 threat and reduce their population through population control techniques at the same time.  What an evil ratbag.

Coming back to the Australian article, the other thing that's in there is this prevalent Australian media spin that Rudd's losing support because he abandoned climate change action not because he championed it:

"The government had been bleeding support since April when it shelved its carbon emissions trading scheme until 2013."

I'm sure that some Labor voters are disillusioned by Rudd's deferral of the ETS.  But, I bet that far more are upset because of the ETS.  That's Australian media spin for you.  It's all a psychological operation. 

Global warming is the excuse for population reduction.  The environment was the designated threat to bring in the world government that the New World Order and Bilderbergs like Bill Gates and Ted Turner have dreamed of all these years.  The Club of Rome, the Sierra Club, the WWF, the British Royal Institute of International Affairs,  the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Carlyle Group, etc, etc: they love control and to kill a human is the ultimate form of control.

And that's who the Australian government and Julia Gillard and Bob Brown are friends with.

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