25 October 2010

The real reason for NBN: censorship

Stephen Conroy: clubbing democracy and freedom to death
Senator Stephen Conroy loves his Chinese-style Internet filter for Australia.  It's also the real reason he supports the government's uneconomical National Broadband Network: to hardwire in the censorship.

From The Australian 25 October 2010:
..if things go according to plan, NBN Co will be Australia's communications gatekeeper, owned and driven by a government that favours internet censorship.

The consequences of this in a democracy raise potentially disturbing issues affecting the free flow of information that go well beyond dollars and cents. In effect, the NBN rollout gives the government the ability to determine what content is suitable for delivery into the home -- a situation not dissimilar from that which operates in China.

Websites like Planetary Vision would be prime targets for Conroy's Internet filter.  Australia already has one of the most controlled, monopolistic media in the world.  Getting a handle on the Internet would starve one of the few routes for unfiltered information to reach the Australian people.  Total information control.  He who controls the information controls the people.

Let's review what's in store for the Australian people:

Smart electricity meters on every house allowing unlimited warrant-less monitoring of people's sleeping hours and usages of electrical devices.  A tracker in every automobile to track your travel under the guise of stopping level-rail crossing accidents.  And a NBN with China-style censorship hardwired in.

What happened to the Australia I knew?  We are in the grip of the New World Order.  Fascist scum like Stephen Conroy need to be removed from office.  They are un-Australian.

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