12 November 2010

Refreshing A Current Affair stories

Tonight I was watching A Current Affair Queensland edition and there were two environment-related stories.  The first was on the fad of banning plastic bags sweeping Australia. 

Tasmania has now joined three other states in banning them.  But, refreshingly and unexpectedly, the article sensibly argued that the so-called green polypropylene bags that replace the usual polyethylene ones take a lot longer to biodegrade.  Plus, they are prone to getting bacteria with multiple use, which the article didn't mention.

"Green" shopping bags: they're more about feeling good than actually helping the environment.

Then there was a story about the changing climate in Queensland.  I've noticed it for about three years now -- the climate is getting cooler, cloudier and rainier.  It's actually quite pleasant for me but it is creating a lot of storms, floods and cyclone activity.

1974 Brisbane flood

For every second of that story I was waiting for them mention "climate change" or "carbon emissions".  But to their credit there was no mention of it at all and instead there was a sensible explanation of it being due to the la Nina in the Pacific.

Furthermore, they honestly reported that this is nothing new for Queensland but a return to the way it was in the 1970's -- floods and rain.  I hope this is a sign the the climate change madness is coming to an end.  Well done ACA.

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