27 March 2010

Switch your lights on for Earth Hour

At 8:30 pm tonight (in your local time zone), 27 March, millions of believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) will switch off their lights.  This will cause disruption at the supply end.  See:

In order to counteract this disruption to the power supply it is up to non-believers of AGW to switch on their appliances.  Power stations that use boilers won't even save that much power during Earth Hour -- it will be wasted.

Earth Hour is the epitome of the stupidity of global warming environmentalism. Instead of finding a technical solution -- instead of free-energy or nuclear power or even traditional alternative energy like solar cells -- it's about switching off, curtailing and diminishing our quality of life.  Who leaves stuff on they don't need anyway?  Well, maybe Al Gore, but among normal people who wastes power that we get billed for?  Therefore, whatever is on is needed.  We use light to be productive and have quality of life and security.

There was a blackout in New York for a day in 1977.  There was looting and vandalism and crime.  Despite the huge government support for AGW even municipalities will not be brave enough to switch all street lighting off because it makes us less safe.  It turns back the clock on our civilisation which is why it is such a good example of the mentality of environmentalists.  If they like darkness so much let them move to North Korea or the Third World.

So, please turn your lights on and instead celebrate Human Achievement Hour.

Update, 8:55 pm: Earth Hour has started and the electricity grid hasn't broken down. Phew. Defiantly typing this on an electronic device.  London Telegraph says Earth Hour won't save power. WWF admits it's symbolic.

Update 2:  Someone else's better version of my post's sentiments:  Opinion: does Earth Hour send the wrong message?

Update 3, 28 March:  After the fact: Anthony Watts explains that it made no difference to demand and wouldn't have reduced CO2 emissions anyway because CO2 producing plants will keep their generation up based on expected demand not actual demand.

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