29 March 2014

All my comments removed from Guardian article without trace

Update 2

Well this is a new one. I've had my comments removed from the Guardian plenty of times before, but you can still see the stub. Here's an example:

Now, on a recent article, my comments have been removed totally without stub and without trace.  The above user, Ian Hall, another sceptic like me, also had comments on there, and they have been totally removed without trace too. 

I am stunned.  This of course means it is totally pointless for me to comment on the Guardian ever again, and I will not.

Comment is not free. They do not want any dissenting voices on there. The Guardian is only to be a reverberation chamber for Green voices.  I get it. They don't want to hear anything other than the warmist message. Truly an authoritarian regime. 
My final comment made a mockery of one Guardianista's comment that said that the current warming pause was not statistically significant. I pointed out that not statistically significant was a term referring to the fact that there has been no statistically significant warming for 16 years or so, not that that pause was not "significant" for the climate debate in the general sense of that word!  There should be warming due to increased CO2 but there isn't. 

Perhaps that was the final straw that meant that all my comments had to be removed forever.
My next test is to see whether they have blocked me from commenting at all.  Update: I tried to comment on that article a few minutes ago. They accepted it for a few seconds:

...and then it was totally gone:

Total censorship from the true fascists at the Guardian.
To prove I had other comments there I have screen shots of a couple of them. I take these screen shots because I am used to having my comments be removed, as being against "community standards" routinely, even though my comments clearly are not against any standards whatsoever, except those of the authoritarian, censorious, warmonistas.
I always knew Green totalitarians didn't want debate, and this confirms it. The screen shots of (some of) the removed comments:


It was a waste of time commenting there anyway, as the warmists don't want to change their mind no matter what the evidence, but insist that the consensus is the arbiter of all knowledge and that that's the end of the debate. I'm just stunned at the level of fascism there, and everywhere in the warmist world.


Update 1: Fernando Leanme also had a comment removed as against community standards.  Before:

Tell me how is that comment "against community standards"? I hear the warmists there using profanity and unbelievable insults all the time.  With the Green left, it's not what you do or say: it's who you are that they object to.
I guess the fascists at the Guardian will send their lawyers over here soon to tell me the deleted comments are their copyrighted property, and to cease and desist. 
Here's the thing about this banning: of course, my comments were perfectly civil and not against community standards as they define them. They were, however, embarrassing to the cause of AGW. So, someone would have had to evaluate my comments on the basis, not of community standards, but on whether I toed their climate line.

They sort of had to be cynical and cunning -- calculating about censoring me.  That's how rascally, left minds, who lie to themselves, work.  Of course: they see themselves as the messiahs of the world -- literally, so they wouldn't say that they are liars. The ends justify the means with these Malthusian hypocrite would-be saviours.
As for me: I let any and all comments stand on my site.  I am not afraid of them, and, surprise surprise, am prepared to learn.
As I have pointed out, the weather is no worse now as a result of increasing CO2, in fact it is better as you would expect in a warmer world: see here, here, here and here.

Another criterion for censoring me, would be how good and effective my arguments were. If it was just any old idiot, they wouldn't care.  I figure I really embarrassed them by saying user JJRichardson linked to insurance premiums to prove worsening weather, when all that it shows is increased human development.
And Tamino has a page on it too with the Munich RE reinsurance graph linked to by JJRichardson:

Tamino's post has the usual propaganda at the start, based on increasing insurance claims.  There's no point me leaving a comment about this flawed tactic at his site though, because he censors any negative comments on his posts.  For pete's sake, the guy only let me have one comment on a post about me! (here) He censored my second comment on that post and I lost interest in it and gave up reading it.
Another warmist on another site linked to insurance claims too.
The warmists, well some of them at least, do know there isn't a problem with the planet and climate change, and they hate and/or are scared of the sceptics who know this as well. Bastards are afraid of their gravy train falling apart -- if we were all as stupid/idealistic as them it would keep going for ever. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Endless warming conferences in the Cancuns of the world at the taxpayer's dime.
Of course, they are not the types of characters to think too long about it or introspect too much.  The duplicitous green-left are so intellectually scurrilous they will merely, seamlessly move on to the next bogus scare, such as ocean acidification.
On some level, from subconscious to conscious, the warmists know they are sitting on a busted flush; and this is the best hand they've ever been dealt, and they loath the group they call "sceptics" who can play the trump card and play them out of the game. And this is all because nature just isn't playing ball with the scare scenario and not warming or the weather worsening.


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