05 March 2014

Arctic "death spiral" melts away when put in perspective

The AGW team uses September Arctic sea ice extent (the lowest point in the annual cycle) to show how the Arctic sea ice is disappearing as a result of dangerous, "scary-scary" global warming. They even omit the 50% recovery of 2013 to promote the notion of calamity:
The propagandists of "climate science" prefer to omit the inconvenient 2013 Arctic sea ice recovery.
The warmists like to start the scary "death spiral" depiction from a high point in 1979, ignoring the earlier data that shows...surprise, surprise...that ice data goes up and down in a cycle:
The frauds of AGW choose the most convenient start (1979) and end (2012)points to bolster their bogus AGW theory.
Indications show that the Arctic has been low in ice many times before.

The conventional AGW theory says that whenever the Arctic becomes lower in ice it gives rise to an amplification because open water absorbs more radiation from the sun than ice and heats the water up even more, leading to more ice melt and an irreversible "death spiral".
But when you take the Arctic ice extent as an annual average, rather than the summer ice only, it puts it in perspective.  It looks only about a 15% reduction not a "death spiral".
The following graph is taken from page 11 of this document:
Note the scale on the left in the graph above, the Y-axis starts at 9 million square km of ice.  So I took that graph and removed the Antarctic ice and extended the Arctic bars down to zero to put it in perspective. And here it is:
When you put it this way, it doesn't look so bad, in fact it just looks like natural variation. But "making it not look so bad" in not in the interest of the CO2 catastrophist scare story.


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