25 November 2013

Hah, comments for IPCC YouTube video pulled after just four days

It was only up for about four days and the comments have already been pulled on this latest IPCC scare video. There were about 60 comments last time I looked, and most were sceptical.
Several comments, mine included, pointed out the fraud at 2:05 of the video:

This temp graph is a distortion on the true graph.  For example take WoodForTrees HadCrut3 temp:

The scammers at the IPCC have trimmed off the 1998 warming peak, just so as to make it look more like the carbon dioxide rise.
So they pulled all the comments and disabled ratings.  The IPCC can't take an argument. They can't take debate and they can't take criticim! Hah, hah!

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