02 November 2013

Accelerating global norming

The evidence is in and it's worse than we thought: The world's weather is getting more normal at an accelerated rate.
Hurricanes are getting more normal with time:
From here.
Global sea ice is a bit above average: a clear sign of global norming.

Black horizontal line is arbitrary average (1979 - 2008). Red line is global sea ice by year, which is just above average. From here.
Even the temperature is getting more normal, with no rise for 15 years:
Cyclones in the Australia region showing clear signs of global norming:

From here.
And US drought is clearly more normal than ever:

Sea level rise is also normal, showing that there is no excessive Greenland or Antarctic glacial ice melt, contrary to the claims of warmists.  It also shows that heat is not being hidden in the deep ocean, as claimed by the IPCC to explain the current 15 year warming pause, else thermal expansion and therefore accelerated sea level rise would be evident.

Sea level rise from here.

How ever can we, as a species, survive this vicious level of normality?!

The AGW predictions of the IPCC and co. clearly haven't panned out. Virtually none of the metrics used, such as sea ice, hurricanes, sea level rise, etc, support the global warming theory. Most of all, the 15 year pause in atmospheric temperature is ruining the climate change scare.
Perhaps sceptics should thank their lucky stars that the warming pause has dented the AGW movement somewhat; nature isn't playing ball with the warmist's scare mongering. Imagine how much worse AGW would be, or appear to be, if the warming hadn't have paused.
Although "lucky stars" is a relative term, because, while the temperature not going up is good for damaging the AGW theory, in terms of the actual environment of planet earth, it is bad, for cooling is the real enemy. So it's not really that lucky if, in fact, the current high of Antarctic sea ice indicates the onset of a new ice age.
And it's the next ice age that will bring the real climate crisis. Forget Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, the next ice age will be the real Mad Max survival scenario.
The land value in Canada and Siberia is going to be a lot less in the millennia to come as the ice sheets return.
Playing ball under two miles of ice is not very fun.  Although, this change will happen very slowly and I predict another few thousand Stanley Cup's will be played before the Canadians have to move out of Canada. 
Earth's climate record shows erratic weather, temperature and rainfall during the glacial periods compared to the current interglacial we are experiencing.
Erratic temperature shifts during glacial (from left to 9,000 years ago), compared to beautiful smoothness in temp of current interglacial period (right). Temp (C) vs years before present. From here.
The IPCC had a chance to be at least somewhat scientifically credible in assessing the 15 year global warming pause by reducing its confidence that human made CO2 is causing the warming. With rising CO2 for 15 years, but no matching rise in temperature, the IPCC had an opportunity to admit that it was less sure about the AGW theory, rather than more. Instead it raised its confidence level from 90% in the last assessment report to 95% in the recent Assessment Report 5.

If it was me, I would have lowered it from 90% to 70% confidence at least, in light of the warming pause, but the IPCC showed itself to be what it is: not so much a scientific organisation, but rather a cheerleader for the global warming cause. Set up and funded with the express purpose of finding a problem with the climate and blaming it on humans. All in order to justify "action on climate change" from the governments who set up the IPCC in the first place.


It's ironic that warmists use the "yelling fire in a movie theatre" scenario to justify limiting the free speech of sceptics, when really, in such an analogy, it's the alarmists who are the most akin to someone yelling "fire" in a movie theatre!

Let us hope that those who are yelling "fire" will soon no longer be heard. And let us enjoy the interglacial while it lasts!

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