02 November 2013

New navigation bar at top of page

I finally got around to putting a convenient navigation bar at the top of the blog to make it easier to navigate around. While the code I found for the MBW Navgation bar at  mybloggersworld.com was a good start, I'm not totally happy with it. I need to get a bar with multiple heirarchies for the menus, like what's at the top of the Jo Nova webpage. This code only allows me one level of options rather than two or three nested levels, if that makes sense.
I've noticed a glitch in the menus at certain levels of magnification in Internet Explorer. You can't scroll down the list titled "Apollo moon hoax" without some of the bottom options disappearing before you get a chance to select it.
The other problem I have is that I have all my pages on high magnification, large font sizes etc.  I also have Windows at 200% DPI scaling, which makes everything so much easier to read and to see for me -- not that I have bad eyesight, just that I don't like to squint.  The down side of this magnification is distortion on websites, squished fonts, overlapping text etc.
For example, this is what the Jo Nova website looks like with my magnification settings (also shows my task bar at 200% DPI upscaling):

Another problem is in the titles in my new navigation bar, the magnification pushes stuff to the right. In Chrome with the magnification on high the new navbar looks like this to me:
The font is all squished too.  Whereas on Torch browser, with less magnification, the spacing is better, but it looks like everything is pushed over to the left:

If I don't make the titles in the navbar over to the left like that, they start to overlap in Chrome.

Hopefully I'll find a better ready-made coding solution, or maybe I'll have to become a HTML guru to fix it.  What to put in the new navbar is also an issue and I'm open to suggestions. Please also let me know any glitches you find with the new navbar.
Last month I reached a new milestone on this website of $10 in income from Google ads. I originally put Google ads in the sidebar to give me free Google Analytics. I don't think you need an ad anymore for free Google Analytics, but I'm used to the ad now so I'll keep it. I try to keep it unobtrusive by limiting the ads to one, and putting it at the top in case it is distracting, so you can scroll past it.
I personally hate seeing moving ads and try to resize the browser window and scroll past all distracting, moving ads.
According Google Analytics this site gets about 55 unique visitors a week.
I put ads on in late 2009. Google only pays you once your earnings reaches $100. So, it's taken me four years to make $10. At this rate my first Google payday of $100 is due in 36 years! Just in time for my retirement in the year....2049.  Actually I don't even know if I'll still be alive then! But oh well....thank you Google and thank you to my loyal readers for this retirement nest egg!
Interstingly Google said that I received about a 62% share of the total ad revenue. So, in total my Google ads made about $16 and I, as the publisher, received most of it, $10, or will receive most of it in 36 years time when I reach my first payday. I can't wait!

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