06 April 2017

Has the hockey schtick left the building?

Unfortunately we may never know the real identity of who the hockey schtick is. They have protected their anonymity well. And no blame there. Why would't you protect your anonymity online? You have every right to. The only thing I can gather from their blog is that their initials are  "MS". But who knows if that's even valid?

Hockey Schtick appears to be a chemical engineer by trade who last blogged on Feb 4 2017. Lately their twitter feed appears to have been hacked.

It's entirely possible the nearest loved-one may be generally unaware of his blog hockeyschtick.blogspot.com. I base that on the fact that I probably wouldn't discuss my blog with my own loved ones.  But who knows, maybe he did? Maybe he/she is just on vacation.

I suspect the hockey schtick is dead. If so, long may we remember his insights. Long live the hockey schtick. 

Let's hope that his current hacker will respect his legacy and not delete any of tweets. So far the hacker hasn't deleted anything but just mucked around.  All of HockeySchtick's tweets & blog posts are a legacy worth remembering.

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