25 January 2019

Comparison of RSS to BoM temperature for Tasmania

Is Tasmania burning? Not according to satellite temperature for the lower troposphere derived by Remote Sensing Systems.  This is in response to  this tweet from a Green.

But the truth is that Tasmania has not warmed for decades. So how can global warming be responsible for alleged increased fires? The fire frequency in Tasmania didn't increase for the period 2007 - 2013.


Sources for Tasmanian fire appeared sparse on my first search so I went with the above despite the limited time period. The first sentence of the abstract of the above reference is hilarious; it says:

Increasing Australian bush-fire frequencies over the last decade has indicated a major climatic change in coming future.
Wow climate scientists are actually clairvoyant now. They can see what's coming in the future merely by an assumed extrapolation from the past. What a bunch of fantasists.

For a longer time period we can use houses burned in Tasmania,  normalised for the increased number of houses, which shows no increase:


And the temperature hasn't increased either according to RSS satellite.

This is the location measured (red dot):

Below is the Matlab code I used for the above (sources explained here). The last line allows me to paste the data into Excel for graphing:

v3 = ncread('uat4_tb_v03r03_anom_chtlt_197812_201705(1).nc', 'brightness_temperature_anomaly')
Tas = squeeze(v3(131,19,:))

Now let's compare this Tasmania temperature to that for Hobart from the Bureau of Meteorology who uptweak temperatures to comply with the global warming narrative using a technique called homogenisation.


Wow, magical global warming appears by sheer will power (uptweaking) by BoM. If you wish it hard enough global warming can be true! (Now give me your money.)

Here are the two Tasmania graphs side by side:

In any case why'd such a small temperature change produce such a dramatic change in fire? Once again the Greens are lying.


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