15 September 2015

Julia Slingo: claims temps 'rapidly rising' on Sky News UK

No wonder no-one trusts climate scientists anymore.  Julia Slingo of the British Met Office manages to contradict herself in the same breath, at once claiming that it's rapidly warming, then admitting that 2014, 2015 & 2016 are only among the hottest on record and may or not indeed be the hottest.

Is global average temperature rapidly warming as claimed? There's been no warming for 18 1/2 years according to the satellite record and only minimal warming in the surface record.

But let us assume that it is rapidly warming. Then how on earth could there be any doubt as to whether 2014, 15 or 16 could be the hottest or not? Either it's rapidly warming, and later years are significantly warmer than earlier ones, or temperatures have levelled and there is no rapid warming. The situation's very clearly the latter.

Either she is very unaware of these facts, believing the climate hype without scrutiny, or she's wilfully making it up.

Either way her PhDs are apparently worthless. She doesn't know how to do objective science (the only kind there is!) and epitomises the kind of second-rate scientist who goes into climate science, as Richard Lindzen wittily suggested here:
Scurrilously, she makes no mention of the fact that the record is only by a fraction of a degree.  She does say "on record" but doesn't say how short in time this record is (only about 130 years).

AGW theory predicted rapid warming of the globe. Instead temperatures have stagnated.  Why does Slingo have so much trouble grasping this? Could it be because:

Then she says the science is "..moving on year to year". This is where the big credibility problem for climate science lies. No matter how much AGW predictions don't come true, no matter how much the weather doesn't worsen, or the temperature doesn't warm, climate scientists still insist carbon dioxide's a significant warmer and that we must "act" etc.

Not only do climate scientists maintain such a scare, but double down on it, increasing their confidence level for example in the latest IPCC report, saying the science is "ever clearer". When if anything the warming pause should give pause for the scaremongering claims as well but doesn't.

If anything the "science"...the actual data, the temperatures and other climate metrics...show how unclear it is; how little we understand this planet's climate; and how much in its infancy climate science really is.

We can not, nor should we have, such blind faith in climate scientists when they get the science, and even basic facts, so badly wrong time after time since they first started predicting climate doom all these years ago.

This is especially so of Julia Slingo and the Britsh Met Office and their "BBQ summers"!

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