10 September 2015

GisTemp up-tweaking started around 2003 during Hansen era

Global Warming arch-architect James Hansen implemented a policy of deliberate up-tweaking to satisfy his government paymaster's desire to hype the global warming crisis.

Remember Hansen was the guy who testified in front of Congress in a room with the air conditioning switched off for added effect to scare the masses about 'atmospheric heat build-up'.

By the time current NASA GISS director Gavin Schmidt took over from Hansen a couple years ago the up-tweaking had well and truly begun.

I took the Gistemp data and overlayed the UAH v6 data and produced this graph:

Then I took the GISS data and subtracted the UAH v6 data and made this graph:

There's a weird up-tweaking in GISS temps around 2003 onward, and also a down-tweaking during the warm 1998 El Nino spike.

A few more Tweets on it:

Schmidt not only continues the uptweaking but greatly enhances it:

NCDC Breaks Their Own Record For Data Tampering In 2014

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