06 September 2015

Blog format upgraded

I'm by no means an IT expert, but I like to tinker with html code now and then, and after years of tweaking I have finally upgraded this blog to a format I'm happy with.

I only just figured out how to truncate the posts on the home page to an excerpt and a link to more.

I thought the white background was too bright so I made it grey.

The main feature is a navigation bar at the top of the page I pilfered from some site.

Blogspot is the best and most tweakable free blog platform of the few I have tried, including wordpress.com.  Unfortunately, unlike the paid-subscription wordpress.org, you can not access the underlying html in free wordpress.com. But you can access it in blogspot.com, which is very important for tweakers like me.

Here now is a fascinating* look back at all the different formats my blog's had over the years (*not):

I'm likely to tweak again, so for posterity here's what today's planetaryvision.blogspot.com site looks like:

Update 7 Sep 2015: I also spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to make an auto-self-updating site map. And I did extensive work on the pages section, after having obtained a smart mobile phone and realising how important they were for navigation.

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