28 December 2009

My post that was rejected on the Guardian

Post on Guardian newspaper article from The Observer, Sunday 27 December 2009: Copenhagen has given us the chance to face climate change with honesty  by James Hansen.

It happens a lot for me and I'm used to it.  My recent post on James Hansen's article at the Guardian was removed by a moderator.  I kind of expect it.  I mean, I comply with the basic rules like no profanity or ad hominem attacks etc.  But I think it's just too politically incorrect.  In some cases I probably put myself up for libel under UK laws and perhaps the moderators are protecting me I don't know.

My last Guardian post mentioned that Prince Phillip co-founded the WWF and they are interested population reduction and it got removed.  Or perhaps they're concerned about other things like all the links I make to references?  Anyways here is the post:


27 Dec 2009, 10:42PM

James Hansen is a major researcher on the effects of aerosols and has stated that human made aerosols such as sulphates can reflect sun energy back into space offsetting global warming by more than 1C. Strange that there's no mention of this in this article. Hmm that is very peculiar, until you realise that Hansen has always vehemently promoted AGW. He says earth is heading for a tipping point and we've only got a few years left to act. Yet surely he is aware that the MWP was warmer than today with no tipping point - no Greenland ice sheet melt leading to Al Gore Waterworld (AGW). That ice sheet has survived 5 interglacials so far, but a few decades worth of warming is suddenly going to melt them? Wow, Prof Hansen, wow!

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the scariest scare monger of them all?

There's a grotesque distortion in the article. The graph shows human "carbon" emissions (of course not elemental carbon but gases containing a carbon atom) but not natural emissions. It also ignores the number one greenhouse gas water vapour! If you include natural sources of carbon human contribution is only 2.33% of the whole. If you include water vapour and all else humans only contribute 0.28% of greenhouse gas.

Seeing as the transit time for CO2 in air is only a matter of years, not decades there is almost no remaining CO2 from human output decades ago, hence rich countries don't owe reparations to poor countries.

Just typing in Hansen to the East Anglia search engine...hmmm, 38 results, seems James Hansen is a major player in the hockey team. Seems every discussion they have of observed cooling it is regarded as a "problem". So, we're paying trillions to politicians to save us from a 2C rise but when climategate scientists discover cooling it's regarded a bad thing to be covered up. To wit, most environmentalists would be very sad and angry if you told them global warming was over. I guess without catastrophes they're nobody and it makes them mad and insecure.

@calmike 27 Dec 2009, 4:45AM. Well said. There is a technical solution to the energy crisis, but instead they're more interested on how they can get a clamp on the people. And to @hix1050 27 Dec 2009, 6:13AM as well. You've identified how much of a fake this worldwide AGW conspiracy is. It is nothing to do with science and everything to do with control.

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