25 December 2013

Denier land: Climate justice for all

My next SkS inspired video parody of AGW. This was out in time for Australia Christmas eve; this post still in time for North America Christmas eve. Please enjoy your Christmas eve entertainment:

So far I have 27 views on it.  Not long before it reaches the 17,000 views of my first video...
It's also interesting to note that until recently my comments were automatically approved on WUWT, now they're back to pre-moderation only. (Perhaps it's the thread. Moderated only on "Tips and Tricks"?)

(Update 15 Feb 2014. No, my WUWT comments are still auto-approved. Seems you need approval always for comments on the static pages, such as "Tips and Tricks")

Perhaps I shouldn't have claimed ownership of my first video and stayed incognito. Oh well...I really don't care what goes viral and what doesn't.
The above five minute video took me three whole days to produce, and I won't be doing another one for a while.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


Update: 34 views! Heh, about as many views as I thought the first video would get. Wow, what a difference exposure on WattsUpWithThat makes (for the first video)!

Well, I said I had another video in the works and I fulfilled my end of the bargain. I worked hard to get it done by Christmas. I actually tried to put in decent production values with this video, unlike my first video of Denier Land, which I didn't care to make that good.

My first "cruddy" video goes viral and my second one doesn't! Heh, it all doesn't bother me. I just got lucky my first video was picked up by WUWT, the world's most read climate website!

Update 2:

Some screen shots:


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