13 December 2013

A warmist links to insurance claims to prove AGW

I still like to argue with warmists on the internet, even though it's becoming more apparent that we're speaking two different languages.
Warmists like to claim the scientific high ground, saying things like: there's a 97% consensus, or "climate change is real and happening now!". But it's apparent that the science doesn't really matter to warmists.
A good example of this is in this latest Huffington post article:

When any and all climate data can be interpreted as AGW, as in the above article, then it's not science that's being done, but a confidence trick.
One thing I've seen from warmists is confusing CO with CO2. Both come out of a car exhaust, but only one kills you. This is from "Demetris G", in the comments section of the above article. I like the first rebuttal from "Robert W".
Wow, "intellectual thinker" indeed, LOL! The more warmist you are, the less science you know, I guess.
I can't comment on the HuffPo anymore because they now require a verified FaceBook account, and I don't particularly want to join a CIA/NSA front group and give them my phone number, which is what a "verified" account means. So I'll have to comment on it here I guess.
Meanwhile on a different article (regarding Marc Morano debating on CNN):
...another warmist in the comments, Dano2, links to Munich RE insurance claims to show global warming is getting worse, LOL! And my response is also shown:
Here's the insurance claim picture Dano2 linked to as evidence of AGW:


Convinced of AGW yet? Me neither.

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