21 May 2013

NASA Apollo moon landing faked 3

This is the original photo AS15 89 12015:

NASA's later version has the top portion snipped off:

You can put both images in an image editor and use the cross marks of the Hasselblad camera as a guide to see how much was trimmed off the top.  Why would NASA find the need to alter any of the photos?

The following horizontal red line depicts how much was trimmed from the top of the photo for NASA's "HR" (high resolution, or final edit approved for the internet) collection:

Below is another picture AS15-84-11348 showing something funny at the top.  The current online NASA version also removes the top portion.

7)  Objects reflected in visor

A lot of people say the next photo, AS12-48-7071, shows a stage light reflected in the top right of the visor of the astronaut.

AS12-48-7071 up close

I thought it was a stage light too until I saw the following photo AS12-48-7133, where it looked more like a ceiling fan. You can also see a bar with light and dark portions:

AS12-48-7133 close up

If you think it's the apparatus on the left (the unmanned Surveyor 3 spacecraft) making that image in the visor, you can see the image is still there even when the astronaut moves away to the right, as the following picture shows. 

Furthermore, the sunlight on the Surveyor 3 is from the top and wouldn't appear as a partially lit bar underneath it or on the side that would make it appear that way in the visor.


 AS12-49-7309 close up -- object still there despite moving away from Surveyor 3

 Another pic from Apollo 17:

AS17-134-20385 close up

AS17-134-20385 annotated version

8)    The flag waves in the wind

The moon is supposed to be surrounded in a complete vacuum and therefore have no air or wind.  However, the flag is seen blowing just as though it is in a breeze on earth.

Some Apollo believers hold the intelligence of hoax believers in such contempt as to say: no, no, no, the flag is not held out by the wind, there's a bar at the top holding it out.

That there is a horizontal bar at the top holding the flag out is plain for all to see.

Of course there's a bar at the top holding the flag horizontally out from the shaft.  No one's saying that the flag is only held out by the wind alone (like most outdoor flags on earth would be). Hoax believers say there is a supporting bar and wind.

The debate often then continues this way: with Apollo believers saying it is the man moving the flag, rather the flag moving the man.  And they point out that the flag never moves when an astronaut is not holding it.

Many anomalies slipped through the original NASA gatekeeper censors. But they did think of some things, and one of them was to never show the flag flapping without an astronaut holding onto the shaft of it.

In the above video from 0:00 to 0:24 seconds, to me, if you ignore the astronaut and just focus on the flag, it behaves erratically like it's blowing in the breeze.  That's not a deliberate human-made motion.

Believers always look from the man to the flag, because to them, being that there is no air on the moon, the only explanation is that the man is moving the flag.  But why would you move the flag in such a random erratic manner?

Why would you hold the flag at the shaft in order to move it?  Why wouldn't you grab the rod on top if you wanted to move it back and forth, to make it easier?

Some say he's trying to move the flag back and forth in order to drive it further into the ground.  If I was going to drive something into the ground I would hit it on the top with a hammer.  And that's exactly what the Apollo astronauts did:

Apollo 11 astronauts hammer in the base, then put the flag on top.

A small base was hammered in, then the flag is placed on top of it and appears able to freely rotate about a vertical axis (why NASA would design it that way, given the wind problem, I don't know).  So, any motion to try to rotate the flag deeper into the ground would be nullified at the pivot point.

Flag rotates about a vertical axis about pivot point.  Therefore any motion to try to twist it into the ground, as some people say he is doing, would be nullified.
To me the flag moves randomly, rather than at the direction of conscious effort from a human being; it's flapping in the breeze.  

Also, keep in mind that this footage is slowed down, so it's actually happening faster.  The pressurized suit would make the gloves extremely difficult to get a good grip on a small shaft like that -- they couldn't close their gloves to a radius much less than an inch.  And the astronauts complained that the gloves hindered their manual dexterity; such brisk motions would require a lot of strength.

In any case, for those who say an astronaut is always holding a flag when one moves, and therefore that the astronauts are the ones moving it, not the wind, comes this video from Apollo 15:

(Also worth a look: Jarrah White's video on it.)

The man walks past the flag and it moves slightly. It looks exactly like the air has disturbed it. At this point a whole new set of reasons has to be invented by Apollo believers for this. One such leading theory is that static electricity moves it.

What do you think?

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