11 October 2006

I had a problem with the dvico pro fusionhdtv tv capture card for Australia not showing every channel in the list, such as for scheduled recorder, despite being able to tune the channel. I apparently solved this problem by deleting all channels and manually putting in each channel instead of using the autoscan funcion. I just bought this card new and it has had glitches in the software and access violations and I've had to reinstall the software from scratch to fix problems several times. :(

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  1. I recently downloaded and installed the Dvico HDTV pro drivers from the Dvico website dated about 11 Nov 2006, revision 3.50.02. It helped with a bug I was having not able to resize the window with the mouse. It's better but still not fixed. That's where you grab the corner of the window and try to resize it. It sometimes moves the box instead. Frustrating. There was a redraw problem with full-screen where the task bar would not go away – I think that's fixed. And, horror of horrors, it recorded the wrong channel when using the pre-record several times. For that case every time it would not record SBS but Ten instead. Plus, the program would just exit at times such as if you try to reverse during viewing a file. Yeah, it was pretty lousy. So far there is improvement with the updated software, and last night it recorded correctly, so hopefully it will continue to. However, the problem with the auto scan of channels, which is what they claim they fixed with this revision, still does not get all the channels, or didn't for me, requiring me to manually enter them. (Which is no problem for me since, living in Australia, I only get 6.)

    I would also like to mention that I had a problem with having nothing showing for the digital TV after first installing the software drivers. It said: "overlay not available". That's because my motherboard video card doesn't have dxVA. I switched the decoder from dxVA to Zulu, which fixed the problem. You then have to restart the program.