14 May 2016

Circular axis unfairly weights more recent years

In the latest deception by Team Consensus, Ed Hawkins converts temperatures that are normally displayed on an X-Y plane to a circular axis.

This has the effect of increasing the area occupied by recent years and cramming past years into a little dot in the middle. The resulting spiral, made scarier by employing a violet to red rainbow colour, gives the impression of an out of control temperature rise.

But even though this distorts and obscures the temperature record, alarmists hail it as "seminal"!

So now I convert this back to an X-Y axis to show all the past temperature that has been left out. Of course we don't have direct temperature measurements much beyond about 150 years ago, but never the less ice cores can give us an idea of how past temperature changed and you see what has been deliberately left out.

Ed Hawkins crams past temperature into smaller area toward the left  and expands the area of more recent temperature toward the right. Original image here.
Why do warmists advocate such gimmicks? For precisely the reason that it muddies the waters, and deceives low-information people.

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