07 September 2014

"The Conversation" claim contradicted by BoM press release

In a Conversation article about Jennifer Marohasy's claim of temp fudging at Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) (1,2,3) authors Lisa Alexander and Andy Pitman claim that BoM's homogenisation adjustments are to reduce the extremes of Australia's temperature trend. 
Exactly what "reduce the extreme temp trends" means is not 100% clear, but I assume it means that the slight increase in temp from 1910 to 2014 is lessened post-homogenisation.
No, the Bureau of Meteorology is not fiddling its weather data
From the article:
"Far from being a fudge to make warming look more severe than it is, most of the Bureau’s data manipulation has in fact had the effect of reducing the apparent extreme temperature trends across Australia. "
That article was on 1 September 2014. Then four days later, on 5 September 2014, BoM releases a graph showing that the post-homogenised red line (ACORN-SAT) had in fact increased the upward trend over the raw data of the blue line (AWAP).  Hence directly contradicting the claim made by authors of The Conversation article.

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