08 June 2014

Dog bites man; Warmist makes wrong claim

In another day of dog-bites-man news, a warmist makes a wrong claim. On this webpage:

..about a new postage stamp from the US post office. An Anthony Watts article is linked to:

And user "Sherry" makes the following comment (plus my reply). I took a screen shot in case she removes it for sheer embarrassment:

 The comment refers to this pic:

Apparently Sherry is upset that Anthony Watts cut off the poles where most the alleged global warming is.  But a few minutes of research would have spared her her blushes. It is a graph taken directly from the NOAA website and is not modified by Anthony Watts at all:

And a bit more research would show that NOAA explains why the graph is cut off: because there is little satellite data at the poles:

Note that these anomalies are somewhat less reliable at high latitudes where more persistent clouds limit the amount of satellite data available for deriving accurate SST analysis fields and climatologies.

So why do AGW scientists claim there's so much warming at the poles? Because the data is so sparse there. Few thermometers and little satellite data.

It's just another convenient AGW trick designed for the consumption of the low-info types who can't be bothered to even do 5 minutes of basic research to legitimise their ridiculous claims. Instead of doing their own research, it appears the warmists take all their talking points from climate industry people like Bill McKibbon, without scrutiny...without being sceptical.

And if there really was so much warming at the poles, why is there record sea ice around Antarctica? Why is Arctic ice making a come-back?

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