24 May 2014

Oh dear! Clima-tastrophe not working out

Well this isn't going according to script for the clima-tastrophists. Why isn't Mother Gaia playing ball?
They said drought would increase. Tim Flannery said even the rain that falls would be absorbed into the ground and not make it to the dams. Truth is: drought is no worse, in fact it is better:

Climate activist and 350.org founder Bill McKibben tweets:

Apparently the Antarctic ice sheet is collapsing and sea levels will rise and sharks will eat you. And yet Al Gore hasn't sold his beachfront mansion yet. In fact coastal property values haven't changed at all. The truth? Sea level rise is slowing:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said global warming was worsening bush fires. The truth? Joe Bastardi (@BigJoeBastardi) tweets:

How are deniers going to learn their lesson if Mother Gaia isn't going to teach them that capitalism and consumerism are wrong?  C'mon planet earth, stop being a denier. You're supposed to be in crisis! The warmists said so.

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