About this site

No degree. Electrical Eng dropout. Studied physics all my life. Alternative scientist/physics buff.  This is my personal blog site about everything which of late has become a general sceptical science/politics website.  Other topics include cosmology and AGW scepticism. 

My habit is to make a post and then spend a day or two correcting it. So, it's worthwhile reading them after a cooling-off period of a few days.

Most of the writing is original from me. Most of the pictures and diagrams are not mine.  You can reproduce my writings for any publication you like as long as credit is given to me, and also keeping in mind that a lot of the diagrams and so on are not mine.  Contact me at my email address (see profile) for more details.

I have a site glossary.

Please make any comments or questions you have.  Oh, and, corrections are always welcome!