12 February 2010

Kerrygolds comment removed from Guardian

Kerrygold's comment I recommended was removed from the Guardian article China's fears of rich nation 'climate conspiracy' at Copenhagen revealed comments section.

I probably shouldn't post these because they might be copyright to the Guardian being in their comments section and all, but oh well, they deleted it.  They can sue me in England.

I managed to capture this comment just before it was removed by a moderator:


11 Feb 2010, 4:27PM
I have a lot more faith in China's analysis than that of Mark Lynas, who everybody knows is little more than a well paid lap dog for the Maldives. To deny that divide and rule was part of the American / EU strategy is to ignore a thousand years of diplomacy.
The only thing I think it can be is calling Lynas a lap dog.  Serious?! Wow, that's touchy.  Calling a public figure a lap dog is against Guardian policy?  What, do they employ some zit-faced teenager who has no idea what libel is to delete anything remotely dodgy?   This sort of moderation is over the top.  "Lap dog"?? Big deal.

Update: Hah! Then a few hours later they removed my comment even though the first moderator who removed Kerrygold's did not.  This is getting ridiculous.  I'm stunned.  Guardian really is worse than Chinese state media.  Here is my comment which was right after Kerrygold's:


11 Feb 2010, 4:29PM
I'm glad that China realises that global warming is merely a political scam.
Lynas still going on about sea level rise? Do you think he was the one who advised Maldives to have that silly underwater cabinet?
We're told that global warming will melt the glaciers and lead to sea level rise. But then we're told (Time Magazine etc) that global warming is causing the snow storms in North America and Europe. If global warming increases precipitation near glaciers due to warming than this may, in fact, have the effect of building glaciers up. So, the above two claims are contradictory yet contemporary from global warming alarmists and the MSM!
Snow is how all glaciers are formed in the first place. It's actually how ice ages start. Increased precipitation gets trapped in glaciers thereby sucking the water out of the sea.
Clearly warming is too simplistic a model to determine glacier growth or decay. That's why the ocean level rise prophesies by AGWers never occurred during the Middle Ages Warm Period when it was 2C warmer or the Roman Thermal Optimum when it was 4C warmer. Crisis over.
This has really got me stumped.  Why was my comment moderated?  Surely this was purely political?