14 October 2006

Molten metal is the fatal flaw

My little contribution to the theory on the 9-11 controlled demolition plan - the false-flag terror attacks on America - is that there was one key aspect which failed them, the planners. The blasts in the basement were designed to bring the rubble below the level of the water and the slurry walls were meant to give way giving rise to an incredible steam causing further havoc and rapidly cooling the molten metal caused by the hot thermite reaction, and thus, further destroying the evidence.

11 October 2006

I had a problem with the dvico pro fusionhdtv tv capture card for Australia not showing every channel in the list, such as for scheduled recorder, despite being able to tune the channel. I apparently solved this problem by deleting all channels and manually putting in each channel instead of using the autoscan funcion. I just bought this card new and it has had glitches in the software and access violations and I've had to reinstall the software from scratch to fix problems several times. :(

03 October 2006

Project for a new American Century involvement in 9-11

Dick Cheney takes the main responsibility for it. I mean, the guy shot his lawyer at close range, so he could do something like 9/11. In that he seemed above the law and investigation, by the way. He seemed to get a secret pardon. Anyway, Cheney seems not long for this world to me, so it's a good person to take the lead for the actual 9-11 events by taking control of NORAD for a terrorist attack simulation. Of course, military people are sworn to secrecy about operations, so they couldn't say that there was this "bizarre simulation" and the standing down of NORAD on the day of 9/11 with Cheney taking over the authority to shoot down planes in US air space and so on.

If they did it once they'll do it again! Listen to Alex Jones at the GCNlive.com Network.